Welcome to Berwick Weaving Company

10845997_426142240873190_1490407395959613615_nI am so happy to introduce Berwick Weaving Co. to you!

I weave functional, pretty things – shawls, scarves, blankets, pillow covers, table linens etc. I weave custom
items – your colours, your choice of design – and I also usually have some inventory from which you can choose.

I try very hard to use fibres made in Atlantic Canada; I like to support local artisans and suppliers.

I am just gearing up, as far as the website goes, but you can see albums of my work on my Facebook page until the website is complete, and you can either comment here, or  contact me via email if you have any questions.

The other day I told someone that “I am a weaver”. Then I giggled.

I wrote this post on my blog after I started weaving in earnest. If you can bear to wade through it, you’ll see how much and why I love this craft.


This past summer Mr. 761 and I went to Ireland for two weeks. It was everything you would imagine a two-week trek in a beautiful country with the person you love can be – relaxing and gorgeous and interesting and memorable. We both can trace family back to Ireland, and while I cannot claim an eerie feeling of “I’ve-been-here-before” because of this familial link, I can say that I felt very comfortable there, and could go back in a moment and stay for a long number of moments quite happily.

malinbeg Malinbeg sheep

There was something about the west that I loved very much; the south-and-west too. Counties Cork and Kerry. Clare and Donegal… oh, Donegal. I loved it there.

I took too many pictures to count – enough to tire even the fondest family members and facebook friends. I kept trying to capture moments in time, because I was so moved.

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