Blankets & Home Items

Did I say that I love making shawls best? Scarves? Maybe I did.

What I meant to say was that I love to make BLANKETS. Blankets are terrific home decor; they keep you warm when watching tv or cozying up to your loved one. They are useful, functional, beautiful art.

As a general rule, my blankets are more of the “throw blanket” variety. They are usually about about 3.5 feet x 7 feet, with fringe.  I can also make pillow covers, baby blankets, summer-weight throws… really, if you want it, just ask.

Note: at present I do not do napkins or placemats, nor am I especially keen on table runners. This may change in the summer.

Please click on a thumbnail photo to embiggen and start the slide show.

4 thoughts on “Blankets & Home Items

  1. Hi I have just purchased my first loom a Millville. The top roller is the cord supposed to go around the bar 1 or 1.5 times? Thank you Kathy


    • Hi there!
      Glad you’ve got a Millville; I”m sure you’ll enjoy it.
      For mine, I have put in a bushing because the top bar is a bit wonky and this allows the mechanism to move more smoothly. I have the cord wrapped around it completely. I can pm you a photo if you would find that useful.


      • I put in a bushing too! Great minds…
        I also sold it a month or so ago – too many looms for the space, and my other 45” (a Mira ll) has a fly shuttle, so it won the contest. I miss it, though – a lovely loom.
        I do not weave tartan – I’m more free-ranging than that; while I love detail work I’ll leave tartans to others….


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