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Oh, how I love blankets. The wide expanse of handwoven loveliness. The interplay of colours, the beautiful function of them.

This year, I went on a bit of a spree with shetland wool. It’s got a lovely warmth to it, while still being lightweight. It’s got texture, and depth of colour – little flecks that give it dimension.

Here is my inventory, as of mid-November 2017. If you see something you like, there are a number of ways to buy: I take credit cards, Paypal, e-transfer, & cash. Just message me and I’ll be very happy to take your information and send you the piece. If you click on the highlighted price, it will take you to my paypal page, if you wish to pay that way.


Sea blue merino with multicoloured Shetland warp. This mixture of fibres makes the blanket feel much more weighty. It’s a great feeling to cozy up underneath this velvety piece.  (69”x 40”) $200


Shetland wool, in a mysterious woodsmoke green with pretty blue-grey highland wool border trim (78” x 36”) $200

Highland lap blanket: in a tweedy mix of blue/green/chartreuse and one purple end, this is a very pretty little car- or lap-blanket. Just the thing for a night of of Netflix, when there’s a chill…. (52” x 40”) $150

~SOLD~ Highland with one border: Highland wool is slightly thicker than shetland, but just as soft and lightweight. This blanket is another that would be a great car- or lap-blanket. Excellent for a night on the couch with a movie, stored in the boat or cottage, or in the back of your camper. This one has a pretty little twill detail on one end (56” x 38”) $150

Striped Shetland (80” x 36”)  This isa second, but one of my favourites of the bunch. It is not without some slight imperfections so you get a super deal. Happy stripes of gorgeous colour make for a very pretty throw. $150

Green/blue shetland (78” x 35”)  Another second. It’s a great deal, and admit it – if you squint, you’ll never see those “flaws” again… $150


The “Helene” Blanket

I’ve added this to the Blanket and Home Goods page already, but I love this thing so much I had to give it its own post. This is the “Helene” Blanket. A moody mix of purples, green, blue and a dash of pink. Mysterious, happy, comforting. It’s plain weave, which I love. It is underrated as a draft, but sometimes you just want to let the fibre and colour do the talking for you, you know?

This is one of those times when I wish I could keep what I make, but it was a commission and I have to let it go.

It’s 100% merino wool from Mineville Wool Project, three different kinds: a lovely 4 ply, a dk weight, and a 1 ply chunky.  All of it lovely, all of it machine washable. All of it soft and velvety, cool to the touch but so warm in a blanket. The piece itself 40″ x 88″ with fringe – more than wide and long enough to binge-watch a whole lot of Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, and Marvel superhero movies with one’s sweetie.

Midline, the Helene

Midline, the Helene

I don’t usually let the cat do this - the blanket is for a cat-lover so I let her do it this once.

I don’t usually let the cat do this – the blanket is for a cat-lover so I let her do it this once.

Soft, warm, and cozy.

Soft, warm, and cozy.

Random stripes of colour warp, and weft with vareigated purples in two different weights

Random stripes of colour warp, and weft with vareigated purples in two different weights

Sometimes it starts with the wool…

Jewel-toned, Soft, and Cozy.

jewel-toned merino with chunky fringe

jewel-toned merino with chunky fringe

A new scarf, hot off the loom. I made it from a gorgeous merino that was a one-off from a Nova Scotian company called Mineville Wool Project. It was some of my favorite fibre to work with, and the colors just glowed.   I have some left in a few colors – I confess that I bought a lot of the stuff; whenever I went to my local yarn store I just couldn’t resist.

Good thing, too, because I don’t have a pile of it left. Just enough for a few definitely-one-of-a-kind handwoven scarves. The stuff finishes up like velvet, and keeps you warm and stylish all at the same time.

If you see something you like, or have wool that you’d like me to work with, it’s as easy as asking.

hot pink/cherry

hot pink/cherry

what's left of this stash...

what’s left of this stash…