Available stock will have prices marked in the galleries; custom work we can talk about privately.

imageEverything I make is a singular item, perfect in itself. That’s part of the joy in it – that what you get will not ever be seen on someone else or in another’s home.

Giving the gift of something handmade is a special thing. It also takes time. I have to source the fibres, and plan the project. Unless I have inventory that you want, or if it’s a scarf that I can maybe fit time in for, it will take time and thought.

It’s all made by me and my own two hands. If you want something special, it would be good to try to work it out with me in advance so that I can plan the project and have time to make it. Once that’s done, we can discuss the cost, based on the complexity of the design and the fibres used.

Email is best, and we can go from there:

2 thoughts on “Prices

    • Hi there. I’m so sorry it took so LONG to get to you! My site basically acts as a “look book” where you can see what sorts of things I do. Most things on the site have already gone to their new homes and act merely as examples. I do occasionally have inventory but 2020 was a *weird* year and weaving output was way down. Your best bet is to send me an email and ask so we can work out a commission, or contact me via either intagram or Facebook.


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