Almost Ready….

So, I’m not in the studio yet, but will be soon. We’ve had a few problems with the floor, but it’s going to be fixed early next week, so I may be able to move in very soon! I appreciate my builder’s willingness to find solutions to the problems and am confident it’s in good hands.

It’s been a slog, I must say. When it first started going up, every day there was something new to see, something that wasn’t there that morning. As it becomes a Real Thing, the pace slows down. That took a bit of getting used to. They are working at it, but as always the micro level isn’t quite as satisfying.

I’m so keen to get in there! I have work to do, and the home studio is such a mess that it’s hard to get any work done. I’ve been collecting furnishings/storage solutions for the studio, and there’s really no place to put it all except in the current weave room, which was full to bursting already. And somehow, the waiting saps one of motivation. I kept putting off warping my big loom, because I figured the studio was almost ready, and I can’t easily move that loom with a project in progress on it. I’m very glad that the floor will be sorted out soon, because I have commissions that need to get done!

When you undertake something like this, it takes on a life of it’s own. The big dig out there became a shell, then a sealed envelope, then an almost finished work space that I can’t move into. We sit out on the deck a lot, and just kind of…look at it. I’m finding it actually a little difficult to imagine actually being in there!

But in there I will be, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the actual dimensions, and placement of all the gear that comes along with looms. I’ve got most of it worked out in my head, but there are a few big ticket items that I’m just not sure what to do with – my very large warping reel, and a vintage mangle that I adore (and which my long-suffering brother in law picked up for me a few years ago. They’re really heavy, did you know that?)


The mangle. A monster, but beloved. She needs a paint job, maybe. Her current home is the pocket of hallway space beside the stairs.

I have these fantasies about what this lovely but decidedly not huge space will look like. In my dreams, it looks like this:


Found on Pinterest, see link in text.

In reality, it is in danger of looking like this, unless I plan carefully.


Another pic found on Pinterest. No link, because really – who needs to look at that?

Stay tuned! It’ll be a process, finding efficient storage and figuring out how my processes will work best in that space. It’s an exciting thing, to have a brand new dedicated space.

To finish, a few of the things I’ve been weaving lately:

One thought on “Almost Ready….

  1. My weaving space is scattered around my dining and living room. Thankfully, on much smaller looms. I’m excited for you to have a dedicated space for your weaving. Enjoy it, once it’s done. Please, keep us updated!

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